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    1. 2019 EDITION

      Learn 6 Profit-Boosting
      Tactics for Local Businesses

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      customer reviews-3

      Guide to Using Customer Reviews to Grow Your Small Business

      What's the first thing you do before deciding to make a purchase? If you're a savvy shopper, then chances are you begin by conducting research.
      Jan 04th, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews, Customer Reviews
      healthcare marketing-2

      5 Healthcare Marketing Tips to Get More Patients

      In the healthcare industry, it's all about making your patients feel safe and understood. If there's a disconnect between a medical professional and ...
      Jan 03th, 2020 Marketing Tips, Medical
      review manager-2

      4 Steps to Becoming a Pro Online Review Manager for Your Business

      The internet is more than just a research tool -- it's a social platform. Folks from all over the world use it to engage and learn from their fellow ...
      Jan 02th, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews, Customer Reviews
      medical marketing-3

      Don't Make These Medical Marketing Mistakes in 2020

      In the medical field, you'd think business would come directly to you. After all, people get sick or hurt all the time and seek your services. But ...
      Jan 01th, 2020 Local SEO, Marketing Tips, Medical
      5 Reputation Management Mistakes to Avoid-3

      5 Reputation Management Mistakes to Avoid

      It's common sense that your business' reputation is its most valuable asset. After all, we make countless decisions based on reputation all the time. ...
      Dec 31th, 2019 Reviews, Online Reviews, Customer Reviews
      4 Chiropractor Marketing Strategies That Drive Results-3

      4 Chiropractor Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

      According to a 2015 Gallup poll, more than 33 million Americans see a chiropractor. For many, it's a vital solution to back, neck and shoulder pain. ...
      Dec 30th, 2019 Marketing Tips
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