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    1. 2019 EDITION

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      How to Optimize Customer Touchpoints to Grow Your Small Business

      How many touchpoints do you have with your customers? Depending on your marketing efforts, you may have several -- or more than a handful.
      Jan 23th, 2020 Marketing Tips

      6 Stats that Prove Online Reputation Management Matters

      Does your online reputation precede you? And if so, is it a good or bad representation?
      Jan 22th, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews, Customer Reviews

      4 Ways Your Team Can Use a CRM App

      Today, most people use apps for banking, messaging, entertainment and fitness. GPS apps pilot us through cities. Smartphones have become portals we ...
      Jan 21th, 2020

      Why Taking a Mobile First Approach is Vital in 2020

      Would you consider yourself a "smart" business owner? No -- not in the sense of your intelligence, but the technologies your business uses.
      Jan 20th, 2020 Marketing Tips, Mobile

      Understanding the Digital Customer Journey (to Improve Sales)

      Do you understand the journey your customers go through before making a purchase with your business?
      Jan 19th, 2020 Local SEO

      What Are Customer Touch Points (and Why they Matter)?

      How many ways are customers engaging with your local business? If you have a presence on the internet, then there are possibly dozens of customer ...
      Jan 18th, 2020 Online Presence, Marketing Tips
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